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Your Data Matters

End-to-End Data Solutions

End-to-End Data solution to assist your existing App to become the best it can be.

Wide range of services in the data warehousing, analysis, reporting and decision-making stages.
Please note services are not grouped, you are free to choose whatever suits your needs.

Database & Reporting

Database creation services
Creating and maintaining Internal and Cloud databases.

Data Entry
Manual and API data collection services available

Data Processing and Cleansing
Custom scripts constructed to clean and wrangle data into digestible structures

Creating automatic processes to update your Spreadsheets or Dashboards and even send updates via Email

Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly reporting focusing on important KPIs and metrics that measure the success of your App.

Data Analysis

Defining important KPIs
Hands-on, non-technical assistance helping you define important metrics to quantify your products performance.

Determine levers that will improve certain KPIs
Hands-on assistance determining the levers that will allow you to achieve greater user value and experience.

Maintain and adjust existing dashboards
If you already have existing dashboards or use existing data visualization products like Firebase or Google Analytics, we can help optimize these so you can make the most of the data you have available.

Decision Making

Complete Analysis of your App
We prepare a presentation of strengths and potential avenues of improvement in different areas in your App.

Ability to Share various user behavior insights from our data analysis.

We list potential opportunities that arise from the data deep dive and project expected changes to KPIs.

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