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About Creative Design and Analytical Solutions

Hi, I’m Marsel

Being heavily involved in the data space in the past 8 years, I’ve noticed the freedom of data can open many doors of opportunity. However, by the same hand I’ve seen too many times third party services making promises on how they are going to help but ask for ridiculous upfront costs, only to result in the client learning information they already knew!

This service is something different.

We operate under the number 1 rule:

  1. Understand the whole story.

From the get-go we work to understand how our business can benefit you, and from there decide if it is the right choice.

We push for using all the information in circumstances and not blanketing a particular case like another. We care about the goals you set for your app as much as we care for the integrity of reporting and recommendations we make. Having a tailored service is the only way to do it in our eyes. We want to make sure we can achieve what YOU want to get out of your app.

At the same time, we don’t want to break the bank. We are a thriving small business, but we would like to get bigger by the services and quality we provide rather than the cost we charge.

For me, I enjoy seeing hard work correlate with results. When (doing it long enough there is always a when) some results are not expected, being able to move forward, and make the appropriate adjustments to get where you want to be is critical. And if you don’t know where you want to be regarding your app, let us help you on the right track.

Marsel Gokovi

Positive Outcome

A Case Study

Examples with Current Client

Our Client originally didn’t have a database and was working from out-of-box dashboards. App data was being collected into a Firebase dashboard and digested there. Many of the existing reports were having to be manually created which used important Client time for not-so-important tasks.

What we did:
We developed their Internal Database as the foundation for reporting.

We automated data collection and exported filtered data to their preferred Spreadsheets (no more manual copy and pasting!)

We connected Firebase to Big Query and developed detailed user level reporting on their Apps. Excel was their preferred reporting method.
We provided Weekly and Monthly updates via Email on important metrics affecting the business and driving factors.

The Client also wanted us to manage their Ad Monetization- they used Applovin as their mediation partner at this time.

This lead to decisions that:
Increased ARPDAU by 2.1x using the detailed user level reporting

Increased LTV by 2.5x using detailed user level reporting

eCPM increased by +30% from our designed waterfall AB tests

End-to-End Data Solutions

Incorporating data warehousing, processing, and reporting aspects of Digital Products!

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Ad Monetization & User Acquisition Management

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